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Dish On the Dish | October 25th, 2023

Photo byCanva

Pizza: our first love. Is anything actually better than a good pie, covered in mozzerella, marinara, and out toppings of choice? No.

These are our most favorite places in Texas to grab a good slice (or two or five) of pizza:

1. Via 313 – Austin

Navigating the Austin landscape, Via 313 emerges as a beacon of Detroit-style decadence. Their thick, buttery crusts are like soft pillows of heaven, creating a perfect canvas for a tapestry of toppings and divine sauces.

2. Cane Rosso – Dallas

Bask in the Neapolitan nirvana that Cane Rosso lovingly unfurls. This Dallas gem transports you through Italian portals where each pizza radiates the artistry and passion of the old-world maestros.

3. Bollo Woodfired Pizza – Houston

In the heart of Houston, Bollo blazes a trail of woodfired wonderment. Here, the union of flame-kissed crusts and innovative ingredients conjure a delightful odyssey of flavors.

4. Dough Pizzeria Napoletana – San Antonio

San Antonio’s embrace cradles Dough, where tradition blossoms with contemporary caresses. The beautiful ballet of San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella unveils an operetta of Neapolitan charm.

5. Zoli’s NY Pizza – Fort Worth

Zoli’s is where the soul of New York resounds with a Texas-sized heart. It’s a haven where slices swagger with generous toppings, bountiful cheese, and the beloved crunch that echoes the Big Apple’s spirit.

6. Home Slice Pizza – Austin

Home Slice is an ode to the authenticity of New York-style pizza, crafted with an Austin twist. It’s a slice of home, a comforting embrace where tradition and locality dance in a warm, doughy clasp.

7. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – Various Locations

Grimaldi’s sparkles across the Texas skies, kindling the coal-fired traditions that birth pizzas brimming with a crispy charm and smoky elegance, resonating with Brooklyn’s legendary allure.

8. Lucio’s BYOB & Grill – Houston

Lucio’s crafts a delightful narrative where the gourmet embraces the casual. It’s a place where ingredients flirt with creativity, unfolding a vibrant theatre of flavors in each captivating slice.

9. Il Forno – San Antonio

With the heart of a Neapolitan soul and the spirit of San Antonio’s allure, Il Forno cultivates pizzas that blossom with locally-sourced brilliance and the tender touch of artisanal grace.

10. Fireside Pies – Dallas

Fireside Pies flickers with a warm, inviting glow. It’s a place where rustic meets refined, creating a mosaic of pizzas that comfort the soul and enchant the palate with woodfired wisdom.

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