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Self-made Hunt brothers’ Via 313 initiates Detroit-style pizza’s move west

"Before Detroit-style pizza became the hit thing outside of the Motor City, trailblazers Brandon and Zane Hunt decided to bring their hometown pizza to Austin, Texas. It wasn’t called Detroit-style pizza then. It was just pizza. "

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How Detroit's Square Pizza Became A Trend

"Detroit-Style Pizza Is Having a Moment. But Are Its Originators Getting Left Behind?"

Esquire - Best Places to Get Detroit Style Pizza

Hip to Be Square: Detroit-Style Pizza Is Conquering America

"Over the last decade, Detroit-style pizza has grown from a local pride point to one of the hottest food trends across America."

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The Best Pizzas in America's Biggest Cities

"Here are the top spots for a good pie in the 52 largest cities in the country, including Chicago and New York City."

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50 States Series: Best Pizza Worth Traveling For

"Pizza is the ultimate equalizer. Doesn’t matter if you land in the 1% or have $1 to your name – the way three simple, staple ingredients blend together is enjoyed by all."

Zagat - Top 10 Restaurants in Austin

Top 10 Restaurants in Austin

“'Quit reading and run to Via' demand disciples of this food-truck duo"

Men's Journal - 20 Best Pizza Places In America

20 Best Pizza Places In America

“It almost doesn't seem right that the best Detroit-style pizza in America would come from anywhere other than the Motor City."

The Daily Meal - 101 Best Pizza Places in America

101 Best Pizza Places in America

“For the uninitiated, consider Detroit-style like a Sicilian slice” semi-thick, but with a light and airy crust (similar to focaccia) formed from baking it in industrial steel pans that also allow for the cheese to be baked all the way around."

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An Eaters Guide to Austin

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The 38 Essential Pizzerias Across America

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The 21 Hottest Pizzerias in the United States

Austin Chronicle - Mozzarella, meet Motor City

Mozzarella, meet Motor City

"It didn't take us long to become addicted to their unique Detroit-style pizza (which has been receiving national praise)."

Austin Monthly

Square Meals

"...East Sixth Street trailer garnering raves for its square pizzas with semi-thick, light, fluffy crusts..."

Eater Austin

What's Detroit-Style Pizza? Via 313 Explains

"Move over Chicago-style, New York-style, Neapolitan-style: there's a new geographically oriented pizza in town. "Detroit-style" pizza has landed--we should say, pulled up--in Austin."