An American Institution Since 1946

Nineteen forty-six. U.S. troops returned in droves, victorious from World War II. Industrial plants resumed manufacturing automobiles after devoting lines to M5 tanks, jeeps, and B-24 bombers to support America’s war effort. Detroit was classic Americana in an era when laundry was still hung on wooden porch railings, children played stick-ball on brick-lined streets, and American ingenuity and patriotism were at all-time highs. It was the year Gus Guerra proved that Cadillac’s and Ford’s weren’t the only innovations to roll out of Detroit when, on the corner of Conant and Six Mile, he crafted the world’s first Detroit-style pizza.

When many returning soldiers brought new found tastes for European recipes to the United States, most restaurants answered by serving fish ‘n chips. But at Buddy’s Rendezvous, a Prohibition-era speakeasy (or blind pig in Detroit-speak) that he had turned into a legitimate business, Gus Guerra recognized the soldiers’ flair for cultural dishes for what it was: a hunger for something new and different. Thus, he was inspired to create a new type of pizza pie. He enlisted his wife, Anna, to prepare a special pizza dough borrowed from the recipes of her mother’s Sicilian homeland. He lined the dough with a layer of pepperoni, a heaping layer of cheese, and topped it off with a thick drizzle of red sauce. The original and authentic Detroit-style pizza was born.

Gus Guerra’s gamble paid off as Detroit-style pizza quickly became a favorite neighborhood treat shared between friends and families enjoying moments of future nostalgia and a longtime staple of Detroit’s best cuisine. Today, dozens of pizzerias in Detroit and beyond continue to serve authentic Detroit-style pizza, a true slice of Americana.

Dare To Be Square

So, what makes Detroit-style pizza so unique?

It’s Square! One of the first things pizza lovers notice is that Detroit-style pizza is square in shape. This is because in true Motor City fashion, authentic Detroit-style pizza is baked in square, blue steel automotive parts pans. Traditionally, deck ovens are used for baking.

It’s Upside-Down! Detroit-style pizza is often referred to as upside-down pizza or red top pizza because of the way its prepared:

  1. Start with a thick, chewy Sicilian crust
  2. Line the crust with a layer of pepperoni
  3. Mound plenty of cheese on top all the way to the edge
  4. Heap any extra toppings on the cheese
  5. Drizzle on a thick layer of signature red sauce that trickles through the bubbling cheese

Fantastic flavor! One bite of the true, authentic Detroit-style pizza says it all: its like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. The crispy-outside, chewy-inside crust lends a one-of-a-kind, mouthwatering consistency.

Spread The Revolution!

Thanks to customer demand, Detroit-style pizza is making waves across the United States. Historically, Detroit-style pizza hasn’t received the fanfare that New York and Chicago enjoy, but that’s rapidly changing as more pizzerias coast-to-coast feature authentic Detroit-style pizza.

Spread the revolution! As you savor each chewy, cheesy, scintillating slice, think of how you’ll help tell the world about Detroit-style pizza. Tell your friends, tell your family, share it on Facebook, or shout it out with a Tweet! Detroit-style pizza is here to stay, enjoy every savory bite!

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